Board Game - Gingerdead House
Board Game - Gingerdead House

Gingerdead House

Board Game

So, you bought a gingerbread house in the middle of an enchanted forest because you were assured that it would be a “wise investment.” Maybe next time, instead of being mesmerized by the seller’s gold-plated business card, you might want to be more careful and pay attention to things like, I don’t know, NAMES?! Rumpe L. Stiltskin. Good job. Well, now what? You need to find a way to protect your property against hordes of witches, ogres, trolls, and a mob of other monsters who want nothing more than to destroy your delicious new home. Monsters may not be the most frightening foes you face, though, as your neighbors will do whatever they can to protect their own house at all costs. When the smoke settles, will it be your house still standing?

What's in the box?

  • 4 Gingerdead House Player Boards
  • 50 Grimm Monster Cards
  • 25 Trick & Action Cards
  • 100 "Not the Gumdrop Buttons" ..aka Player Defense Cards

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